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KMS Tools Portable 01.12.2018 / Ratiborus

KMS Tools Portable 01.12.2018 / Ratiborus

KMS Tools Portable from Ratiborus is famous for its simplicity, high-quality feature as well as secure activation. The activator for windows and office is the best choice for activating Microsoft products. There are many versions of the software which come with different features. Every new version brings better features and it is wise to ensure that you have the latest version.

KMS Tools Portable 01.12.2018 / Ratiborus

The activation process is very simple and anyone can follow. It involves installation and running after which the user reboots the
computer’s system for them to experience the full features. In fact, the process takes less than three minutes.

When using the product on Windows, you will need a license or product key which will facilitate the activation. Most corporate users acquire official licenses or get the version that is authorized for companies. However, students may face some challenges when trying to activate some of Microsoft’s software and products, especially windows.

Even though it is sometimes possible to acquire a product key online, the process is not always easy. It might be very tiresome and to make matters worse, you might not get reliable results. In addition, you can attain an activator online that brings viruses with it. Instead of making things better for you, it will lead to heavy losses which may even include damaging your computing device.

System Requirements

Since KMSAuto activation is the easiest and reliable way to attain a license key any windows system, it amplifies the use of the latest MS Office and Windows versions. The KMSAuto activator can work on several operating systems including:

  1. Windows 7 Pro/ Enterprise.
  2. Windows Vista Business.
  3. Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise.
  4. Windows 8.1 Pro.
  5. Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

On Office it can work with:

  • Office 10;
  • Office 13;
  • Office 16.

For the activator to work correctly, the computer must have the Net Framework 4 suite installed, you must have administrator privileges, and the hard disk should have at least 5MB space.

KMS Tools Portable 01.12.2018 / Ratiborus

Downloading and Installing KMSAuto

The activator operates in that it creates a virtual server on the PC. Once the server is created, the real developer site is replaced immediately activation takes place. In case the virtual server is at one point deleted from the PC, the activation ends at that time. If such a
scenario occurs, a person is required to re-install the software.

KMS Tools Portable 01.12.2018 / Ratiborus

The procedural steps

  • Download the activator (01.12.2018). (It is usually in archive form then).
  • Unzip the downloaded archive file.
  • Extract it.
  • Run the KMSAuto Net. Exe.
  • Open the activator and looks for the place written «Activate Windows».KMS Tools Portable 01.12.2018 / Ratiborus
  • Restart windows.

Advantages of KMSAuto

The activator has several benefits which include:

Provision of activation for any office or windows version

KMSAuto works in all office and windows versions and no one is limited to using it. Therefore, no matter the version which you have,
it is possible to activate it using KMSAuto.

A Long-term Activation

It is difficult to find software have such a long activation period as that of KMSAuto. Once you use the activator, you will stay tension free and won’t have to worry about the next time you will have to think about the activation of any product.

Secure Activation

Once you have downloaded the activator from a reliable source, you can rest assured that your PC is safe from any viruses.

Therefore, for windows or office activation, KMSAuto is the best option.