Lucky Patcher: what is it?

In many games, the process of authorization and interaction with Google services is well protected. This is necessary, for example, in order to secure the sale of game currency. Lucky Patcher is able to circumvent such protection and provide an opportunity to get for free what others pay for.

Lucky Patcher: what is it?

This happens through the use of special patches. There are also many other useful features, such as backup or ad blocking.


Main functions:

  • automatic removal of license verification;
  • manual removal of license verification;
  • custom patches
  • commit changes;
  • blocking ads in applications; LVL emulation patch on reboot.

The main danger of using Lucky Patcher

For all its usefulness, this utility has two significant drawbacks.

The first is the possibility of problems with the performance of the game or program on which the patches were applied.

The second and most terrible danger is the increased risk of infection of the user’s smartphone with viruses. This is a common misfortune of all pirated software, because updates and patches do not pass a mandatory security check and often have an unverified source of origin.

Therefore, when deciding to use the program, you should take care of installing an antivirus, in which Lucky Patcher itself must be put in exceptions so that it is not recognized as a potentially dangerous software.

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